Metal-Seated Ball Valves from Remington (Made in USA)

  • ½ - 24” size valves - ANSI 150 - 4500lb class
  • Forged Bodies
  • Automated Lapping Process
  • Vacuum Tested to Class VI Shut-Off
  • 5 year Warranty
  • HVOF Spray Fused Coatings for Hardening

A few features below:

  • Optimized Ball Valve Design, Calculations, and 3D Parametric modeling – This software fast tracks optimal valve engineering.
  • Superior Cutting Edge Coatings – Proprietary High Pressure HVOF coating that provides maximum sealing protection for all applications.
  • Automated Mate-lapping process that laps the entire ball to the seats to ensure the roundness of the ball, consistent operating torque, and maximum coating life.
  • Vacuum Testing - Every ball & seat is vacuumed tested prior to installation to ensure a Class VI shut-off.
  • Customer Service – Same day quotes (Standard items) and ON-TIME deliveries.
  • All valves manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Remington Brochure

Remington Valve located in Houston, Texas is a leading manufacturer of severe service isolation ball valves for the most extreme applications for the Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Cryogenic, and Aerospace industries. The core employees combine decades of innovative engineering, manufacturing, cutting edge technology, technical sales, customer service, and field proven designs to help customers like more

Remington Valve R-Series Brochure


Applications: In-Line Repairable Valve for Power, Chemical and Petrochemical more

Combined Cycle Power Plant
C. Mueller, engineer

“The Remington high pressure ball valves were delivered on time and solved our leaking ball valve problem.”

Kyrene Power Plant
Drew A.

“Remington’s automated lapping process is the difference in their quality seating versus others manufacturers; no problems or leaks.

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