Direct and Indirect Level Systems for the Process Industry from Quest-Tec Solutions (formerly Daniel Level Gauge & Valve)

Quest Tec specializes in the development, engineering and manufacturing of liquid level gauges and valves, steam gauges, capacitance columns and switches, magnetic gauges, armored tubular and sight flow indicators for various markets.

  • 1 piece design—solid billet—reduces leak paths
  • Bolt-On Covers and Ports
  • Industry Leading Deliveries

Magne-Trac Liquid Level Indicators

Magne-Trac products are among the safest and most economical ways to measure liquid levels, excelling in applications of extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, and corrosive or hazardous materials.

Steam-Trac Liquid Level Indicators

Our extensive Steam-Trac product line was designed specifically for several models of water level/steam level gauges with pressure from 300 PSI working steam pressure to 3000 PSI working steam pressure.

Glass-Trac Liquid Level Indicators

Glass-Trac Gauges, formally Daniel Level Gauge & Valve, are available in three main types: Reflex, Transparent, & Tubular. These direct reading instruments are available in many different materials to meet your specific process conditions.

Armored Tubular Liquid Level Indicator

Armored Tubular products operate to display liquid levels in a transparent sight tube that mirror the liquid level of a tank or vessel.

Illuminators LED Illuminator

Illuminator for hazardous locations utilizes the latest technology to provide brilliant back lighting to any process gauge.

Valves Gauge Valves & Steam Valves

Quest-Tec Solutions offers several gauge valve & steam valve options suitable for a variety of applications. Our valves provide an automatic shut off for glass and steam level gauge products. QTS gauge valves and steam valves are available in a variety of arrangements.

Sight Flow Direct Reading Sight Flow Indicators

Quest-Tec Solution’s Sight Flow Indicator is straightforward and dependable way to determine the flow of liquid in a process line for low pressure industrial, sterile, and hygienic applications.

Quest-Tec Solutions provides companies with flexible solutions to specific needs rather than adapting existing products to meet presented circumstances. As a leader in liquid level measurement innovation, they continue to offer the quality and performance customers expect.

Target Market: Power Gen, Chemical/Petrochemical, Refinery, Oil & Gas Production to Offshore, Oil & Gas Production to Onshore, Waste Water. /application-matrix/

PNM Afton
maintenance manager

“The solid billet design reduces the leak paths in their direct reading gauges; we have been quite pleased with our Quest-Tec purchase. I strongly recommend the company.”

PNM Luna
Pete Hamilton, maintenance manager

“We have been able to extend our maintenance intervals after we purchased the Quest-Tec STB direct reading gauges; saving us time and money.”

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