located in Tempe, AZ offers products, services and solutions to a variety of Industrial Process Problems:

  • Control Valves—Globe and Rotary
  • Control Valve Parts—OEM standards offering Cost Savings on New and Repairing Customer Parts to OEM Standards
  • Instrumentation—measuring flow, pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Services—Valve Repair, Automation, Relief Valve Testing/Repair, Procurement Services

“Total Flow Control has the experience and knowledge to help us solve our process problems; they have proven to be a valuable part of my supply chain.”

Valve Parts

Control Valve Parts from Gem-Trim

The Louisiana-based company specializes in crafting premier, OEM-standard replacement control valve parts for power plants. Gem-Trim employees are heavily trained in quality control techniques. Every part is carefully tested for fit, form, and function.

Level Indicators

Visual indicators for steam/ condensate level systems from QTS

Quest-Tec Solutions produces direct reading gauges designed specifically for the rigorous service condition of steam generation. Their parts consistently yield lower maintenance costs than the competitors’. Quest-Tec’s high quality equipment is designed to ensure steam turbines operate safely and efficiently.

Ball Valves

Severe Service ball valves from Remington

Remington’s S-Series valves are engineered for drain and vent application in extreme industry environments. Their field-proven designs are trusted in numerous industries: Refining, Chemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Cryogenic.


Transmitters for pressure, flow, and temperature from Azbil

Azbil’s advanced transmitters are highly accurate and virtually maintenance-free. With a response time below 100ms, these parts are suitable for pressure control in turbine applications. The company is confident in the performance and value of its parts, even allowing customers to try the transmitters before buying them.